English Premier League Title Contenders Betting

Having already had a look at the potential betting options for the English Premier League top goal scorers, Lets now have a look a the Premier League title candidates and the betting opportunities and odds that you will be able to find prior to the season starting.

Title Contenders

When looking at the candidates for the title its easy to get quite a small short-list and on that list you’ll have the usual contenders of Manchester


160 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and at a stretch Liverpool and Tottenham. Lets first have a look at the odds (decimal) from one of the big bookmakers (in this instance Betfair) to see who they see as the favourites.

Manchester City 3.35

Chelsea 3.4

Manchester united 3.65

Arsenal 11.5

Liverpool 34

Tottenham 34

The odds after the above 5 teams just get silly as you would expect as you can’t really see anyone winning other than the first three in the above list.

What is interesting is that Manchester United are down to third favourites with the bookies. This would most certainly not be the case had Ferguson still been at the helm and I would have to agree that I can’t see David Moyes claiming the title on his first attempt with Manchester United. Although he is a quality manager I can’t see him getting quite as much from much the same squad as Sir Alex Ferguson had last season. It would be unwise to write off their chances as they will certainly be in the mix and with a few decent additions from the transfer market they could well claim yet another title.

Now onto Chelsea, With the return of the chosen one Jose Mourinho and already some decent signings in the transfer market I am liking Chelsea’s chances of taking the title back to Stamford Bridge. Jose Mourinho is a genuine winner and takes success to every club he manages, Obviously not to forgetting the controversy that normally follows him around. I’m sure he does create at least some of this in order to take the spotlight and pressure away from his players so it’s not always a bad thing and is at least entertaining in the most part.


What about Manchester City? Well currently just about the favourite with the bookies not that  odds wise there is much between these 3 teams. Very much like Chelsea and Manchester United Manchester City have opted for a new manager this season in Manuel Pellegrini. He certainly has a good C.V managing Real Madrid albeit not for long and also Malaga who he managed get qualified for the Champions League as well as progressing to the latter stages. Now with what is already a very strong squad he will surely be able to dip into what is seemingly a bottomless pit of money at City and bring in some of his own players and challenge for the title. City did push Manchester United last year and apart from the moments of inconsistent form against some of the lower teams probably would have been a lot closer, Can Pellegrini stop those blips happening? I’m not sure, he may well need time to adjust to the Premier League, Only time will tell.

I will be bold and stick my neck out by predicting Chelsea to get the title next season! My reasoning being is that they although they underperformed last season they now in Jose Mourinho have the only manager in these three teams that has been there and one the Premier League as well as titles at every other team he has managed. David Moyes I think will take a little time to adapt to managing the current champions and Pelligrini will probably take time to adjust to the English game.

As for the other 3 teams with odds listed above, I think the odds tell their won story and can’t see them mounting a serious challenge for the title unless perhaps Arsenal and and Wenger loosen their purse strings and spend big in the transfer market.

I’ll probably be fickle and change my mind once the transfer market really heats up and the big name signings start rolling in but for now will stick with my prediction. Make your own mind up though as I’m sure most will not agree and only when next May comes about will we know.

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